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SHOUTcast HTML5 Player is a beautiful new Webplayer that displays information like: Listeners, Format, Bitrate, Current Song and History.
It now (since December 2019) uses the iTunes Search API instead of the API code to display Album Art,
because now the SHOUTcast HTML5 Player will work without the need for a key!

It is also possible now to click on the Album Art to purchase the music at the iTunes Preview Store with the use of the iTunes Affiliate Program,
or the option to turn it off completely.
I also changed the actual Player to the Muses Radio Player for several reasons, but the most important one is: It can play MP3 and AAC streams.

The code is written in HTML, cURL, PHP and JavaScript (jQuery) and unlike many other scripts, it will be hosted on your own domain/server!
It's also really easy to install and adjust, because it comes with examples and uses only one file for configuration.
I recently (March 5, 2020) added an experimental WordPress Version to the package, also available in the free version!
There are two built-in Theme's, called: Dark and Light.

I did use other (commercial) scripts myself, hosted on the servers of the provider, but the bad thing about them is:
When their server is offline, your Webplayer doesn't work either!
That's why i dicided to build a webplayer myself, so you can control it totally and the webplayer will always be working, at least when your website is online!
The Webplayer will be free to download and use for everyone, but the Webplayer with Song History needs a license.

Now SSL HTTPS compatible! (January 25, 2019)